Piano Lessons At Home Or Online

The most comprehensive piano learning experience in London from just £12!

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piano lessons at home or online
  • Private piano lessons in person at your home, or online.
  • From just £12/lesson online – the most affordable price in the UK! – or £32/lesson at home, inclusive of travel expenses.
  • Professional DBS-checked tutors, trained at top conservatoires, such as the Royal Academy of Music and Royal College of Music
  • Flexible – schedule lessons whenever it is convenient for you, pay as you go or book in advance for discounted rates.
  • We host concerts each term, in-person group workshops each week, student competitions twice per year, and ABRSM preparation and mock exams!
  • Free access to one of our award-winning and BBC-featured 6-week complementary online music courses children, on top of the 1on1 lessons.
  • We can offer you a piano keyboard for free for the 1st month to help you get started. (T&Cs apply)
  • Satisfaction guarantee – if you don’t like your first lesson we’ll refund the entire fee!

Your carefully selected piano tutor will devise a personalised lesson plan. Upon approval, we will all work together to achieve its goals. Our piano lessons are tailored to each students' specific needs and objectives, ensuring the optimal combination of learning and having fun!

'My daughter is very happy with her teacher and she has made a tremendous progress since starting her piano lessons.'

Anne T, 37, London

'This is great value for music learning, as in addition to the private instrumental lessons you get lots of complimentary online courses and various events'

Kateryna S, 25, London

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'The sessions are very child friendly and interactive. The children learned a lot about different styles of music. James was great managing the zoom sessions'

Jane F, 36, London

'Our son really had the biggest smile in the world. He enjoyed a lot of different music styles and had a great teacher'

Jeremy C, 40, London

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Having the right piano teacher is everything

When it comes to learning the piano, the tutor will be by far the most important and influential figure in a student’s musical development, so having the right person is paramount to becoming the best musician one can be and actually having fun in the process!

One of the things that makes learning with Lycaeum so great is the tremendous amount of care we take when we select the relevant tutor for each student.

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We are good at what we do

97% of our students continue with their recommended tutors after the first session

Students Continue

86% of our students continue studying with their recommended tutor after their first 12 months of learning

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How it works

piano lessons at home or online
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Our piano teachers

All our piano tutors are professionals or late stage students from London’s top conservatoires, such as the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal College of Music, and are all DBS checked, so you know you will be in very good hands!

In order to teach piano lessons for Lycaeum, our tutors must first pass a series of thorough personal checks and interviews, and show the relevant experience and expertise not only as professionally trained piano virtuosos, but also as tutors in various educational settings. Additional skills beyond mere competency on the piano are a must, such as patience, organisation, and very good empathetic listening

We only work with the top 10% piano tutors in London!

Piano lessons online

If price is a concern, or if it is simply not convenient for you to welcome a tutor into your home, we also offer private online lessons from only £12/session – the most affordable rate in the UK for this level of tuition!

Our online piano tutors will create a bespoke learning experience for each child to help them attain their musical goals. All our online piano students will of course still benefit from our great range of events, concerts, competitions, and group courses.

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piano lessons at home or online
piano lessons at home or online

Piano lessons at home

While learning piano through our online sessions is perfectly viable, our private at home lessons cost from only £32/session – providing you with an even more detailed and guided learning experience.

Your tutor will visit your home at any reasonable time that is convenient for you, as often as you wish. The lesson times are flexible and amendable, with only a 24h notice period being required.

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Getting a piano

We can help our students find a piano or piano keyboard that suits them, helping you make the best decision when investing in a musical instrument.

Our office staff have excellent technical knowledge, and will be able to make suggestions based on their expansive experience as both teachers and former students themselves.

Worried about purchasing a piano at the beginning of your child’s musical journey? We offer all our new students a free piano keyboard for their first month, delivered to their home, with the option purchase it in instalments over 3 months thereafter, with 0% interest!

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What else is included?

piano lessons at home or online

Online group classes – as featured on the BBC!

All our students taking private lessons benefit from discounted or even free access to our unique complementary courses that explore music in-depth - where it came from, and where it’s heading. Explore courses like those below, and many more!

  • Film Music
  • Music in a Time Machine
  • ABRSM Music Theory

Our online courses are available to everyone, and are designed for learners at all stages in their musical journeys, including those with no experience. No instrument required!


  • Lycaeum offers mock exams to help students prepare for their ABRSM assessments with a tutor who understands the necessary criteria for each grade.
  • Our mock exams are held under conditions that imitate an official exam, helping our students feel prepared.
  • We hire a private space for the mock exam to take place.
  • Our expert tutors provide feedback on the student’s performance, ensuring they know what areas they should improve on to attain their desired grade.
piano lessons at home or online

Events, competitions, and concerts

Here at Lycaeum we aim to offer our students not just regular good quality instrumental tuition, but also an avenue to experience one of the best thing about learning to to play - making music with others and performing.

We even have a musical double decker bus where our students can have workshops and concerts across London!

In a regular school year we offer: weekly group workshops in various parts of London, three concerts - where our students can showcase their progress in front of their friends and family, and two student competitions with cash prizes to give our pupils something tangible to work towards alongside more regular ABRSM exams. We keep music exciting!

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Who we are

Lycaeum music is a service focused on delivering specialised music tuition at home, online, or in group settings to children and adults across London. We have been featured in the local media on numerous occasions, even being on featured on prime-time BBC Radio London three times so far!

We have been particularly successful with the MusicOnWheels social inclusion project, where we bought a double decker bus and converted it into a musical space, taking it to various areas of London to deliver musical education free at point of use to underprivileged children in London, in partnership with Brent, Westminster, and the Arts Council. A 6min presentation video made by Emmy award winning film-maker Joe Pavlo is available here.

Numbers speak for themselves

Check out some of our greatest achievements since we started

Our prices

piano lessons at home or online
piano lessons at home or online

*When bought as a 10-lesson bundle. Pay as you go also available.

Music In A Time Machine – Pick your weekly time slot

We are running our Online Group Courses below in partnership with professional DBS- checked Ukraine-based musicians. Lycaeum Music has consistently supported our Ukrainians staff financially, morally, and materially, especially since [...]

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