What we do

Learn about our incredibly wide high quality range of musical services 

father teaching son how to play the piano

Private lessons at home

The most efficient and effective way to learn to play an instrument!

  • Professional tutors trained at the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal College of Music
  • Your tutor will come to your home at any convenient time
  • Personalised learning, for maximum effectiveness

After a phone call where we learn about you or your child’s musical needs and aspirations, we will recommend you our best possible tutor to help you achieve them!

what we do

Private lessons online

The most cost-effective way to learn an instrument!

  • Lessons from as little as £12
  • Lessons will take place on Zoom or Skype
  • Fully flexible times
  • Personalised learning, for maximum effectiveness

We operate a Satisfaction Guarantee for our new students! If you have bought at least 4 lessons to start with and you don’t wish to continue after the 1st one, we will refund you the entire amount!

what we do

Online group courses

The only courses of their kind for children in the UK!

  • No need for an instrument
  • Zoom classes of up to 10 children, so everyone can get as much attention as possible
  • Once per week, for 8 weeks
  • Various topics, such as the history of music for children, film music, and instruments from around the world!

We are the only music service in the UK offering all of these services combined!

what we do

Workshops and concerts

A great way for students to learn new skills by playing together!

  • Socially distanced
  • Different themes, such as improvising, orchestra, chamber music and many more!
  • A great way for children to learn to express themselves in a safe and fun environment!

‘My daughter enjoyed attending the Zoom group music classes every Friday. Thank you Lycaeum Music. We are looking to start one to one instrumental lessons!’ Amira, 33, Leeds

‘Great classes & lovely people organising the lessons. Massive thanks for your warm welcome, you are amazing!’ Sonya, 42, London

what we do

ABRSM exam training

If our students wish to take ABRSM exams, we will offer our full support 

  • Registration and handling of admin
  • Offering a piano accompanist if applicable
  • Mock exams for getting our student used to the exam environment
what we do

MusicOnWheels musical bus for children

Our unique mobile musical classroom for children. We work with local councils and charities to deliver:

  • Free access to music lessons in disadvantaged areas
  • Introduce as many children as possible to music for free
  • Democratise access to early opportunities for children regardless of background

‘This is the most fun my child had in an online lessons since the lock-down begun!’

Anna, 35, Bristol

‘Really enjoyed this session! I’ve learned quite a bit myself just by watching over mys son’s shoulder.’

Kuzmina, 38, London

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‘A great way to introduce kids to what music is. My daughter is now learning the trumpet with Lycaeum after seeing what it can do in this online session’

John, 53, London

A fantastic team, passionate about music, great engaging lessons, prompt emails. My son learnt to see music in an exciting way and was able to answer most questions in the last lesson’s quiz by himself.’

Yulia, 37, London

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