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A premium learning experience

Your tutor will visit your home at any reasonable time that is convenient for you, as often as you wish, whether its once per week, twice per week, or once per month. Our at home lessons are fully flexible and amendable, with only a 24h notice period being required. 

After the 1st session, your tutor will devise a personalised progress plan for you or your child. Upon approval, we will all work together towards achieving its goals. The lessons will be tailored to each student’s specific needs and objectives and will be highly personalised, to ensure the optimal combination of learning and having fun!

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97% of our students continue with their recommended tutors after the first session

'My daughter is very happy with her teacher and she has made a tremendous progress since starting her lessons.'

Anne T, 37, London

'This is great value for music learning, as in addition to the private instrumental lessons you get lots of complimentary online courses and various events'

Kateryna S, 25, London
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'The sessions are very child friendly and interactive. The children learned a lot about different styles of music. James was great managing the zoom sessions'

Jane F, 36, London

'Our son really had the biggest smile in the world. He enjoyed a lot of different music styles and had a great teacher'

Jeremy C, 40, London
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Having the right tutor is everything

One of the things that makes learning with Lycaeum better is the tremendous amount of care we take when we select the relevant tutor for each student.

Rather than asking students or parents to take a shot in the dark by selecting a tutor based on an online profile, we will instead invite to speak to us about what you or your child likes about music, what your or their experience has been (if any) and what you wish to achieve. 

Based on this, and anything else you might want to tell us, we will recommend you the tutor that we believe will best fit the profile and help you achieve your goals. 97% of our students continue learning with their recommended tutor after their first lesson, and 86% are still learning with them after 12 months!

private lessons at home
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If you book at least 4 lessons and you don’t wish to continue after the 1st session, you will get a full refund!

private lessons at home

We work with the best

All our tutors are professionals or late stage students from London’s top conservatoires, such as the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal College of Music, and are all DBS checked, so you know you will be in very good hands!

In order to teach for Lycaeum, our tutors must first pass a series of thorough personal checks and interviews, and show the relevant experience and expertise not only as professionally trained musicians, but also as tutors in various educational settings. Additional skills beyond their ability to play are a must, such as patience, organisation, and very good empathetic listening.

We only work with the top 10% of tutors in London!

What else we offer

At Lycaeum, we believe in making music accessible. Our online courses are designed for convenience, not only allowing you or your child to learn from anywhere with internet access, but beginning at £12 a sessionwe offer the most affordable lessons in the UK for this standard of teaching!

Lycaeum’s tutors provide a bespoke learning experience to help our students attain their goals. Online students have full access to the resources and events that we offer, including bi-annual concerts, competitions and a discount on our group courses.

The most accessible way to learn an instrument!

private lessons at home

Online group classes – as featured on the BBC!

All our students taking private lessons benefit from discounted or even free access to our unique complementary courses that explore music in-depth: where it came from, and where it’s heading. Explore such topics as:

  • Film Music
  • Music in a Time Machine
  • ABRSM Exam Preparation

Our online courses are available to everyone, and are designed for learners at all stages in their musical journeys, including those with no experience – no instrument required!

Events, competitions, and concerts

Here at Lycaeum we aim to offer our students not just regular good quality instrumental tuition, but also an avenue to experience one of the best things about learning to to play – making music with others and performing.

In a regular school year we offer:

  • Monthly group workshops across London
  • Bi-annual concerts, an opportunity for our students to showcase their progress in front of their friends and family
  • Internal competitions with cash prizes to give our students something to work towards alongside their ABRSM exams.

We keep music exciting!

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ABRSM exam preparation 

We offer extensive, guided support to any students taking ABRSM music exams. With our support, students are free to focus entirely on their performance without stressing about other factors.

  • Mock exams for getting our student used to the exam environment
  • Registration and handling of admin
  • Offering a piano accompanist if applicable

Our tutors will be fully familiar with the ABRSM curriculum, giving students an unparalleled level of preparation when approaching their exams.

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