‘This is the most fun my child in an online lessons since the lock-down begun!’

Anna, 35, Bristol

‘Really enjoyed this session! I’ve learned quite a bit myself just by watching over mys son’s shoulder.’

Kuzmina, 38, London

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‘A great way to introduce kids to what music is. My daughter is now learning the trumpet with Lycaeum after seeing what it can do in this online session’

John, 53, London

A fantastic team, passionate about music, great engaging lessons, prompt emails. My son learnt to see music in an exciting way and was able to answer most questions in the last lesson’s quiz by himself.’

Yulia, 37, London

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'The sessions are very child friendly and interactive. The children learned a lot about different styles of music. James was great managing the zoom sessions. Thank you.'

Jane F, 36, London

'Our son really had the biggest smile in the world, he enjoyed a lot of music styles with a great teacher'

Jeremy C, 40, London

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'I warmly recommend Lycaeum Music for their professionalism, for being flexible and understanding. My daughter is very happy with her teacher and she has made a tremendous progress since starting her piano lessons.'

Anne T, 37, London

'This is great value for music learning, as in addition to the private instrumental lessons you get lots of complimentary online courses and various events... I had a blast learning with them!'

Kateryna S, 25, London

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'My daughter has been attending Lycaeum Music courses for 2 terms now and she absolutely loves them! They are interactive, engaging and fun!'

Aysegul B, 42, London

'My sons have really enjoyed the film music courses from Lycaeum. The sessions were engaging, fun and really sparked their interest in learning more about music. Thank you!'

Laura T, 35, Manchester

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'My daughter attended two of the courses and it has been an incredible journey. The teacher was extremely patient with the class, very informative and engaging lessons.'

Camelia G, 40,  London

'My daughter recently took one of the online courses in music for film. She loved it and was hugely engaged. The teacher was brilliant with them- she discovered things - and terminology- about music and film that she perhaps wouldn’t have through school.'

Kate W, 34, Edinburgh

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'This is such an innovative and forward thinking music service, really prioritising quality and consistently inspiring musicians of all levels. Keep up the good work!'

Victoria H, 32, London

'This service is amazing! The staff are welcoming, positive and professional. My child has been enjoying learning violin and has definitely shown growth since starting their lessons. Simply amazing.

Jonathan E, 43, London

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'The teachers at Lycaeum are very professional and welcoming. They do a really good job teaching the children and are passionate about what they teach. My son enjoyed every minute'

T JB, 30, Manchester

'The teachers were very helpful, kind and patient with the children. The teachers were excellent and so much was learnt in a short time'

Viviane A, 39, London

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'Brilliant courses from a very professional organisation. Everyone we connected with at Lycaeum Music is kind and caring. I highly recommend this company to other parents.'

Alla M, 40, London

'Our children have loved learning about music in film. The courses have been great fun, as well as educational for them, and they look forward to taking more classes. Thank you so much!

Micah H, 29, London

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‘My child has really enjoyed the block of 6 zoom-based lessons on music and composers from various periods. The lessons were interactive, informative, well structured and engaging'

Vagif J, 38, London

'The idea of a free 6 week music course sounded unbelievable. The depth of knowledge delivered by James and the style of delivery, absolutely fantastic.
The interaction with the children was just right.'

Modupe, 33, Oxford

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