Supporting Ukraine

supporting ukraine

Our involvement

Around 40% of Lycaeum’s students learn with Ukraine-based online tutors. We have over 50 employees and contractors based in the country, as well family and friends who remain there. While some have left the country, most have chosen to stay. Since the beginning of the war, Lycaeum has been dedicated to providing them with all the support we can offer. 

supporting ukraine

Providing support

Petru, director of Lycaeum, alongside his Ukrainian partner, Katya, travelled to northern Romania immediately following the onset of the war to provide assistance to refugees arriving there after crossing the Ukrainian border.

Putting out requests for donations, they utilised Lycaeum’s resources to organise a means of providing refugees with desperately-needed medical supplies, working closely with Sange Pentru Romania – a major local charity. So far, over £190,000-worth of medicines have been delivered to hospitals in eastern Ukraine, as well as large camping batteries and electric generators for Lycaeum tutors in Ukraine.

Donation collection centres were established across London alongside UK-based partner charities and the collected donations were sent via lorry directly to where they were needed in Ukraine. Roughly half the cost of the five, fully-loaded lorries was afforded through public donations, while Lycaeum’s own funds covered the rest.

The BBC interviewed Petru and Katya whilst in Romania and covered our donation centre at St James’ Church, Norlands

Our donation centres

Spaces to be used as donation centres were kindly provided to us by St James’ Church, Norlands in Holland Park and St John’s in Notting Hill. Thanks to the generosity of the public, we were able to send hundreds of boxes containing medical supplies, food, and cold-resistant clothing.

Many volunteers turned out to help our efforts at both locations, many of whom had heard about the centres through our social media posts. With their support, supplies were boxed and transported to a warehouse in Slough at which we pooled the donations with those of our partner organisations, ready to send via lorries.

Petru and Katya being based in Romania meant they were able to give updates about the items required there most urgently; enabling our centres to adapt and advertise for the most essential items.

supporting ukraine
supporting ukraine

How you can help

By continuing to learn with Lycaeum, you’re helping us continue our support for Ukraine. By you keeping up to date with your payments, we are able to ensure proper payment of Ukrainian tutors, as well as continue to contribute to humanitarian efforts in the country. If you or your child are not current students, and would like to begin learning with us or find out more, click the ‘get started’ button below to get in touch.

You can also donate to our trusted charity partners British-Ukrainian Aid at THIS link.

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supporting ukraine
supporting ukraine
supporting ukraine

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