Private online lessons

Personalised learning at an amazing value!

private online lessons

For as little as £15 per session, our students can experience highly personalised lessons that cater to their needs and their experience. We work with British and international tutors towards delivering the best possible remote teaching at the most affordable prices found anywhere else in the UK.

Your tutor will arrange sessions on Zoom or Skype at any reasonable time that is convenient for you as often as you wish, be it once per week, twice per week, or once per month. After the 1st session, a the tutor will agree a ‘progress plan’ with with you, and will work together towards achieving its goals.

The lessons will be tailored to what the student needs, and will be highly personalised, so that the optimal combination of having fun and learning is achieved.

Private lessons from as little as £15!

Having the right tutor is everything!

You will find that in music, your tutor will be by far the most important and influential figure in your development, so having the right person for you is paramount to having a good and effective experience.

One of the things that makes learning with Lycaeum better is the tremendous amount of care we take when we select the relevant tutor for each student.

Rather than encouraging students or parents to take a shot in the dark and select an online profile, we will instead invite you to have a conversation with us about what you or your child like about music, what your experience has been, if any, and what you wish to achieve.

private online lessons

78% of our students are still learning with their recommended tutors after 12 months

Based on this, and anything else you might want to tell us, we will recommend you the tutor that we believe will best fit the profile and help you achieve your goals.

We’re pretty good at this, as over 96% of our students want to continue learning with their recommended tutor after their first lesson, and 78% are still learning with them after 12 months!

Our tutors

All our tutors are professionals or late stage students from London’s top conservatoires, such as the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal College of  Music, and are all DBS checked, so you will be in very good hands.

private online lessons

If you book at least 4 lessons and you don’t wish to continue after the 1st session, you will get a full refund!


Complementary group classes online for our students

All our students having private lessons benefit from get discounted or even free access to all our unique complementary courses that will teach you so much more about where music came from and where it goes. We are currently running the following 8-week long courses:
– Music In A Time Machine
– Music Under The Microscope
– Film Music For Children

You can learn more about it all here.

Private lessons at home

If you would like a higher level ‘hands-on’ approach to learning, which is very much recommended if would like to ensure proper instrumental technique, check out our private lessons at your home. 

You can find out more here.

The premium way to learn an instrument!

private online lessons

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