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The best and most reliable piano tutors in Islington for both beginner and advanced learners

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   Lessons at your home or online

    From £12/session online, or £30/session at home
  Professional piano tutors trained at top conservatoires like the Royal Academy of Music
  Flexible times – schedule lessons whenever it is convenient for you
Pay as you go or book in advance for discounted rates
   Concerts twice per year and regular group workshops
  ABRSM exam training
   Help sourcing an instrument
   Satisfaction guarantee – if you don’t like your first lesson we will refund you everything!

Your carefully selected piano tutor will devise a personalised lesson plan, upon approval, we will all work together towards achieving its goals. The piano lessons will be tailored to each of our students’ specific needs and objectives, and will be highly personalised, so that the optimal combination of learning and having fun is achieved!

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‘This is the most fun my child had in an online lessons since the lock-down begun!’

Anna, 35, Bristol

‘Really enjoyed this session! I’ve learned quite a bit myself just by watching over mys son’s shoulder.’

Kuzmina, 38, London

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‘A great way to introduce kids to what music is. My daughter is now learning the trumpet with Lycaeum after seeing what it can do in this online session’

John, 53, London

A fantastic team, passionate about music, great engaging lessons, prompt emails. My son learnt to see music in an exciting way and was able to answer most questions in the last lesson’s quiz by himself.’

Yulia, 37, London

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Having the right piano teacher is everything!

When it comes to learning the piano, the tutor will be by far the most important and influential figure in a student’s musical development, so having the right person is paramount to becoming the best musician one can be and actually having fun in the process!

One of the things that makes learning with Lycaeum so great is the tremendous amount of care we take when we select the relevant tutor for each student.

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How it works

1. Let us know that you’d be interested in lessons by ‘Getting started’

2. We will set up a time to speak over the phone and learn about your musical likes and dislikes, your experience, and aspirations. The chat usually lasts 10-15 minutes, its goal being to determine exactly what kind of tutor and teaching style will work for your best.

3. After the call, we will email you with what we believe will be our best tutor for you, based on the chat above. You can look over their CV, history, and call up their references.

4.If you like what you see, we can organise a first lesson whenever it is convenient for you. If you like it and wish to continue, you can arrange further lessons directly with your tutor.

We are good at what we do

97% of our students continue with their recommended tutors after the first session

Students Continue

86% of our students continue studying with their recommended tutor after their first 12 months of learning

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Our piano teachers

All our piano tutors are professionals or late stage students from London’s top conservatoires, such as the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal College of Music, and are all DBS checked, so you will be in very good hands indeed!.

In order to teach piano lessons for Lycaeum, our tutors must first pass a series of thorough personal checks and interviews, and show the relevant experience and expertise not only as professionally trained piano virtuosos, but also as tutors in various educational settings. Additional skills beyond mere competency on the piano are a must, such as patience, organisation, and very good empathetic listening

We only work with the top 10% piano tutors in London!

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Our Prices

We offer two types of learning experiences – in person or online-only.

Online-only – the cheapest price in all of London for this quality of teaching:

30min – £12 per session

45min – £16 per session

60min – £20 per session

In person, inclusive of travel expenses – prices mandated by the Musicians’ Union for teaching in London:

30min – £30 per session

45min – £35 per session

60min – £40 per session

You can pay as you go, or book in advance for discounted rates.

Satisfaction guarantee: If you pay for four lessons to start with and you don’t continue after the first one, we will refund you everything!

Piano lessons online

If price is a concern, or if it’s simply not convenient for you to welcome a tutor into your home, we also offer private online lessons for up 50% less compared to face-to-face lessons.

Our online piano tutors will create a bespoke learning experience for each student, whether children or adults, for as cheap a price as can be found in the UK for this level of tuition.

All our online piano students will of course still benefit from our great range of events, concerts, competitions, and group courses

And you can always upgrade to face-to-face lessons whenever you feel ready!

Great value!
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Online group classes

All our students having private lessons benefit from discounted or even free access to all our unique complementary courses that will teach you so much more about where music came from and where it goes.

We are currently running the following 6-week long courses for children, absolutely unique in the UK:

  • Music In A Time Machine – the history of music for children
  • Music Styles – a tour of the main types of music of today
  • Film Music For Children – learn about how music works in the movies
  • ABRSM Music Theory – learn the ABRSM music theory curriculum

For our adult learners, we also offer Music Appreciation sessions Most Thursdays at 7pm, where we take an in-depth look at a composer, a musical period, or a piece of music, analyzing it, and uncovering the historical and cultural factors that lead to its existence

Events, competitions, and concerts

Here at Lycaeum we aim to offer our students not just regular good quality instrumental tuition, but also an avenue to experience one of the best thing about learning to to play – making music with others and performing! We even have a musical double decker bus where our students can have workshops and concerts across London!

In a regular school year we’ll offer:

Monthly group workshops in various parts of London

Two concerts – where our students can showcase their progress in front of their friends and family

Two internal competition with cash prizes – to have something to work towards alongside regular ABRSM exams

We keep music exciting!
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Who we are

Lycaeum music is a service focused on delivering specialised music tuition at home, online, or in group settings to children and adults across London. We have been featured in the local media on numerous occasions, like the prime-time BBC Radio London feature interview in the autumn of 2020.

We have been particularly successful with the MusicOnWheels social inclusion project, where we bought a double decker bus and converted it into a musical space, taking it to various areas of London to deliver musical education free at point of use to underprivileged children in London, in partnership with Brent Council. A 6min presentation video made by Emmy award winning cinematographer Joe Pavlo is available here.

Numbers speak for themselves

Check out some of our greatest achievements since we started

Over 1200 lessons delivered each month in London
Over 300 first class tutors working with us
Over 3000 students taught since 2018

Learning The Piano In Islington

The old Saxons would’ve surely been proud of what came of their little town of Gislandune – translated as ‘Gīsla’s hill’ – more than a thousand years later as it slowely evolved into how we know it today.

Regarded by many as the best London borough to live in, it is also one of the best places in London for learning the piano.

With the famous Angel Studios and the groovy O2 Academy around – to name just a few – the area is bursting with life and culture and opportunities for those courageous enough to perform.

piano lessons islington
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