Lessons Terms And Conditions

Cancellation policy
Any lesson cancelled or rescheduled by the student within the 24h leading up to its original agreed-upon time are fully payable by the student.
Payments can be made via our app or bank transfer directly to our official Lycaeum Music accounts.
All unused balances are refundable upon request for up to 90 days from when the payment was made.
Late payments / negative balances
Lycaeum Music lessons must be paid for before they take place. If you have lessons whilst your balance with us is negative, the highest price for that type of lesson will be applicable (e.g. £50/h for lessons in person at home) + a £2 late payment surcharge (e.g. £50/h + £2 = £52/h). These prices will be charged until the balance is positive or neutral once again.
If a negative balance is not paid within maximum 60 days from when it occurred, a surcharge of £50/calendar month will be applied until the balance and all extra surcharges are paid in full.
Instrument rental/purchase
Instruments loaned/purchased through Lycaeum Music are free of charge for the 1st month, after which one of the following will be applicable:
– For violins and guitars – a monthly rent of £9 will be applicable for as long as the instrument is in use by the student. To return the instrument at the student’s expense, please contact Lycaeum Music to confirm the delivery address.
– For all other instruments – the entire cost of the instrument will be payable to Lycaeum Music in 3 equal interest-free instalments. Instruments cannot be returned after the initial one-month free period has lapsed.
Any non-reasonable wear and tear damaged inflicted on the instruments by the students will necessitate their replacement at the students’ expense, at comparable market prices. 
If an instrument is not returned within 14 days of the date Lycaeum Music was notified of the return in writing, the full cost of the instrument will be payable by the student.
Online group courses and live events
You can book online courses and live events (workshops, concerts, competitions, mock exams) via the lycaeum.co.uk website. Any completed bookings will be final and will be payable regardless of actual attendance in the event.
Your data is managed under GDPR. For any questions, please see https://www.gov.uk/data-protection or contact Lycaeum Music.