Free Introduction to Music For Children

Children actively practising music benefit from improved language development, increased IQ, better motor skills, and all-round enhanced academic performance. What better way to get them started than with a free interactive online groups session right from the comfort and safety of their home.

free introduction to music
free introduction to music
free introduction to music

What will we be learning about?

Together with our Royal Academy of Music trained tutors, we will be looking at some famous orchestral pieces by John Williams and others, delving deeper into them, and listening carefully and learning about the how various instrumental families work, how they are used, what their roles are, and how the melodies and accompaniments work. We will also learn about the life of the composer that created it all, and about what it even means to be a composer. 

And of course we will be putting the children’s ears and attention to the test with quick fire listening rounds and musical games throughout the lesson, so they can quickly make use of the things they will have just learned. 

Towards the end of the session, they will also get to conduct our tutors as they play their instruments for the children

Meet the team


Q: Is the lesson free?

A: Yes! Absolutely free. 

Q: Will the lesson take place online?

A: Yes. We use ZOOM for all our lessons. After you register, we will send you all the information, including the download link for the software, in case you don’t have it. 

Q: How many children attend each class?

A: We try to keep the classes as small as possible so each child gets as much attention as needed. As a result, there usually are not more than 10 children per session

Q: What age groups do you teach?

A: We focus on the 6-11 age bracket. All classes will of course be composed mainly of children the same age (e.g. 6yo’s together, 7yo’s+8yo’s together etc). This way, each age group will get an experience that is expertly tailored to them. 

Q: My child has already started learning music. Is there any benefit in attending?

A: Yes! Some of our classes are aimed at more experienced children, where we will go into much more depth compared to the beginners. Make sure you tell us in the form above, so we can put you in one of them. 

Q: Is it like a lecture? 

A: Nope. Lectures are hardly the best way to learn anything, especially for children. Instead, the lesson is focused on interactive listening and question answering, as well as on quite a few musical mind games. So it’s educational AND fun! 

free introduction to music
free introduction to music
free introduction to music