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Lycaeum is guided by a deep passion to teach music well!

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Our core organisational team is made of professional music educators trained at the Royal Academy of Music and the Trinity Laban Conservatoire, with a combined teaching experience of nearly two decades. And we are proudly working with a teaching team of over 300 professional tutors, covering all major areas of the UK and teaching every orchestral instruments as well as favourite solo ones such as the piano or the guitar.

Back when we were still students ourselves, we realised that much could be improved in the way music education is experienced and delivered. As a parent looking for education for their child or and adult wanting to learn, one could either sign up to a physical school, with regimented weekly lessons and termly payments, or one could go ‘on a hunch’ and hire a private teacher and, well… that’s it, you’d get the lessons and nothing more, which led to many students loosing motivation rather quickly.

So we decided to create a service that gets the best out of both worlds, with flexible home lessons at convenient times, AND monthly local workshops and concerts, where our students can learn to improvise together, learn music theory, and enjoy music with all its tremendous social benefits, for both children and adults.

Four years since our inception, we now offer private lessons at home, private online lessons, many online group courses and classes, local instrumental workshops and concerts, as well as ABRSM exam preparation. We have so far taught over 800 children and adult learners, and we look forward to hopefully working with you as well!

And our famous and unique MusicOnWheels musical bus for children has offered free music tuition to over 320 in areas where music is lacking.

To enquire about private or group lessons, just fill in the form at the top of the page, and a member of our team will be in touch shortly to help you with the best solution for your needs.

And if you have a child aged 5 and above, why not try one of our free Introduction To Music classes on Zoom? No instrument is required and they are very fun and educational!

about us (old)

But don’t take our work for it, see what other parents had to say!

‘This is the most fun my child had in an online lessons since the lock-down begun!’

Anna, 35, Bristol

‘Really enjoyed this session! I’ve learned quite a bit myself just by watching over mys son’s shoulder.’

Kuzmina, 38, London

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‘A great way to introduce kids to what music is. My daughter is now learning the trumpet with Lycaeum after seeing what it can do in this online session’

John, 53, London

A fantastic team, passionate about music, great engaging lessons, prompt emails. My son learnt to see music in an exciting way and was able to answer most questions in the last lesson’s quiz by himself.’

Yulia, 37, London

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A 6min documentary featuring our MusicOnWheels project in Willesden, London

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